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 01Lookout At TC Trai..>2011-08-28 21:23 3.5M 
 02Lookout At TC Trai..>2011-08-28 21:24 3.0M 
 03Lookout at TC Trai..>2011-08-28 21:24 3.5M 
 05Lookout at TC Trai..>2011-08-28 21:25 3.9M 
 06Lookout at TC Trai..>2011-08-28 21:26 4.4M 
 07Lookout at TC Trai..>2011-08-28 21:26 3.8M 
 08Lookout At TC Trai..>2011-08-28 21:27 3.6M 
 09Lookout at TC Trai..>2011-08-28 21:27 3.4M 
 10Lookout At TC Trai..>2011-08-28 21:28 4.0M 
 11Lookout at TC Trai..>2011-08-28 21:28 4.1M 
 12Lookout at TC Trai..>2011-08-28 21:29 3.7M 
 13Lookout At TC Trai..>2011-08-28 21:30 3.9M 
 14Lookout at TC Trai..>2011-08-28 21:30 3.9M 
 15Lookout At TC Trai..>2011-08-28 21:31 5.3M 
 16Bushes no longer w..>2011-08-28 21:32 3.0M 
 17How will Frogs Hib..>2011-08-28 21:32 2.8M 
 18Frog in TC Culvert..>2011-08-28 21:32 3.3M 
 19Frog Beside Dead F..>2011-08-28 21:33 3.9M 
 20South Side of Culv..>2011-08-28 21:34 5.5M 
 21Dead Fish at South..>2011-08-28 21:34 3.2M 
 22Dead Fish at South..>2011-08-28 21:35 3.6M 
 23Dead Fish at South..>2011-08-28 21:35 3.6M 
 24Dead Fish at South..>2011-08-28 21:36 3.4M 
 25Dead Fish at South..>2011-08-28 21:37 3.3M 
 26Dead Fish at South..>2011-08-28 21:37 3.0M 
 27South Side of Culv..>2011-08-28 21:38 5.2M 
 28Frog at TC Trail C..>2011-08-28 21:38 3.8M 
 29Heron Tracks in Fo..>2011-08-28 21:39 5.0M 
 30Top of Poole Creek..>2011-08-28 21:40 7.1M 
 31Poole Creek Betwee..>2011-08-28 21:41 5.3M 
 32Poole Creek Betwee..>2011-08-28 21:42 5.7M 
 33Poole Creek Betwee..>2011-08-28 21:43 5.0M 
 34Poole Creek Betwee..>2011-08-28 21:44 5.3M 
 35Poole Creek Betwee..>2011-08-28 21:44 5.1M 
 36Former Beaver Dam ..>2011-08-28 21:45 5.9M 
 37Former Beaver Dam ..>2011-08-28 21:46 5.7M 
 38Footpath at WestRi..>2011-08-28 21:47 5.1M 
 39Frog in PoolCreek ..>2011-08-28 21:47 4.1M 
 40Pool Creek Outlet ..>2011-08-28 21:48 5.3M 
 41Muskrat seeking wa..>2011-08-28 21:49 3.2M 
 42Muskrat seeking wa..>2011-08-28 21:49 3.4M 
 43Frog in SWM Facili..>2011-08-28 21:50 4.1M 
 44Fish and Frogs tra..>2011-08-28 21:50 2.8M 
 45Frog in SWM Facili..>2011-08-28 21:51 3.8M 
 46SWM Facility at Ab..>2011-08-28 21:51 3.7M 
 47The Only Water Lef..>2011-08-28 21:52 4.8M 
 48Poole Creek Below ..>2011-08-28 21:53 5.5M 
 49Poole Creek Immedi..>2011-08-28 21:54 5.0M 
 50Walking Down Poole..>2011-08-28 21:55 4.6M 
 51Pool Creek Behind ..>2011-08-28 21:55 5.1M 
 52Pool Creek Behind ..>2011-08-28 21:56 5.0M 
 53Poole Creek Behind..>2011-08-28 21:57 5.3M 
 54Poole Creek Behind..>2011-08-28 21:58 5.2M 
 55Dead Frog in Puddl..>2011-08-30 08:43 2.6M