Coalition To Protect South March Highlands

The  Coalition to Protect the South March Highlands is the umbrella coaliton for everyone who wants to see the SMH protected from development.  This includes direct supporters, sympathetic individuals who don’t necessarily think of themselves as official supporters, as well as a variety of other organizations and communities – including community associations in Ottawa as well as First Nation communities. 

Our common goal is to have the area re-cast as a park that is beyond the reach of developers.  We are indifferent as to whether this turns out to be a federal, provincial, or an Aboriginally run park.  In all likelihood some combination of funding from federal/provincial/municipal and community funds will be needed to acquire the land from developers and we have proposed a Stewardship model for how the community can be engaged to manage a multi-funded park.

The Coalition is coordinated by the “South March Highlands – Carp River Conservation Inc” (SMHCRC) which provides the legal infrastructure, a board of directors and an executive team and acts as a coordinating hub for a variety of special interest teams.   This is a not-for-profit, activist entity which cannot qualify for charity status.

The SMHCRC also runs the website, funds legal actions, and coordinates fundraising in support of legal and other activities.

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