Interesting Green Links




  • Global Green Charter – PDF that explains the common theme that unites all Green Parties worldwide
  • Green Party Platform – Green Party of Canada political platform
  • Green Values – 10 key green values published on Green Party of Ontario Website
  • Green Party of the United States – Democracy is not a spectator sport
  • North American Green Parties  – Links to all Canadian and US Green Parties
  • The European Federation of Green Parties  – Green Federation and its 32 member green parties
  • Carleton Mississippi Mills Riding Association –  Local Green Riding Association
  • Lifestyle


    • Alternative Energy Stocks – Charles Morand provides high-quality, original research into alternative energy, renewable energy, and clean technology companies
    • Enerworks – Providing clean, intelligent, competitively-priced energy solutions to consumers
    • GreenerCars.Com – The Environmental Guide to Cars and Trucks
    • Home Power – Home Power magazine is a hands-on journal of home-made power solutions
    • Zenn Motor Company – Developer, manufacturer and supplier of electrically powered vehicles


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