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This blog contains posts that are categorized based on the following topics:

  • Economic Reality – about the economic situation
  • Green Reality – about the environment
  • Political Reality – about the Canadian political landscape
  • Virtual Reality – about technology itself

You can see all the posts in each of these categories and their subcategories browsing the appropriate category found in the right hand navigation column.  “===>”

You can also use the search engine to find particular posts, or search by date of posting through the archives.

Some Posts Use Tabs

Many of the posts use tabs to help shorten the length of the posting.  You will need to click on each tab to see the full posting.

You can click back and forth on each tab as illustrated below.  Try clicking on each tab below to practice.

Page 1

This is the first page.

Page 2

This is the second page.

Page 3

This is the third page.


We welcome comments on blog postings.  If you wish to comment, you must obtain a free user account first.  Although this is inconvenient, it is sadly necessary to prevent spam postings by automated site crawlers.

“<=====” Additional background information about the author and how this site protects your privacy (as required by Canada PIPDEA) is found on subpages on the left navigation column found on the opposite side of the page.

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