The privacy of those who visit and use this site is important to me personally (and subect to Canadian privacy protection legislation).  This site will NOT sell or provide your information to a third party other than as disclosed on this page.

Information Collected
As far as I know, this site does not capture any information about you other than:

  1. User accounts are employed only to manage postings and to discourage spam comments.  The handling of this information is mostly automated and is not even regularly read by humans (unless there is a problem of some kind).
  2. Web log files that record your browser info and IP address.  This is used only for site visit analysis and volume tracking purposes in an aggregated form.  My and your ISP may also aggregate this information.
  3. The Share and Bookmark buttons come from a third party located at AddThis.Com.  I have requested a privacy disclosure from them.  If anyone is aware of how they use your info, please post to this page.
  4. WordPress is the software used to manage this site and it uses cookies, or tiny pieces of information stored on your computer, to verify who you are. There are cookies for logged in users and for commenters.   The cookies are set to expire one year from the time they are set.  Only the WordPress software uses these cookies.

Account Information
Users are those people who have registered an account with this blog. When you log into this site as a user, WordPress stores your user name and password in a single cookie. The cookie is hashed to encrypt its contents, so you don’t have to worry (much) about someone gleaning your username and password by reading the cookie data.  WordPress uses this cookie to bypass the password entry. If WordPress recognizes that you have a valid, non-expired cookie, you go directly to the WordPress Administration page. If you don’t have the cookie, or it has expired, or in some other way invalid (like you edited them manually for some reason), WordPress will require you to log in again, in order to obtain a new cookie.

Commenters also get cookies stored on their computer. This is purely a convenience, so that you won’t need to re-type all your information again when you want to leave another comment. Three cookies are set for commenters: comment_author, comment_author_email, comment_author_url.  Again, all the data in the cookies is stored hashed. When you return to this blog, WordPress checks for the existence of your cookie, and then tries to compare the hashed data with the values stored in the WordPress database.

If you think that I may have missed anything, please post to this page.

Paul Renaud

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