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Paul Renaud
Paul Renaud has a distinguished record in bringing world-class products and services to market over the past 30 years.  Currently he is EVP R&D for Adaptivity, one of the fastest growing cloud computing companies in North America, and also Chief Executive of The Lanigan Group, an international executive consulting firm that assists its high tech clients in bringing exceptional product value to market by creating compelling value.

Paul Renaud


  • As founder of The Lanigan Group, Mr. Renaud has been a strategic advisor to the CTO / CIO / CMO at Wachovia, Sprint, Mitel, KeyTech (Bermuda), Ubiquity (UK), Entrust, Novelis, RIM, Cybermation, Nortel, Bell, Platform Computing, Systemhouse/EDS, and several other high technology product and services companies.
  • Prior to founding the Lanigan Group, Mr. Renaud was the Vice President of product development at Cognos Inc. where he was pivotal in driving the meteoric growth of the Business Intelligence product line from an internal start-up to overtaking the core business and ultimately resulting in the multi-billion acquisition of Cognos by IBM.
  • Prior to joining Cognos, Mr Renaud directed the Advanced Computing Lab at Nortel where he led research into service-oriented architectures for distributed broadband network products.  He also directed the Switching Systems capacity program where he pioneered distributed call processing in public networks.
  • As Director of Computing and Networking at Bell Northern Research, he led the successful transition of Nortel’s R&D labs from centralized to distributed computing.  Many of the innovations fostered by Mr. Renaud while at BNR subsequently emerged as standalone companies (including Entrust, Platform Computing, Sygniant, to name a few).
  • Mr. Renaud was Chief Architect for SHL Systemhouse, where he pioneered successful implementations of client/server networks during the 1980s.  During this time, G2 Research ranked Systemhouse as North America’s premiere client/server systems integrator.
  • Mr. Renaud’s best-selling book, Introduction to Client/Server Systems, published in four languages by John Wiley & Sons, has been used internationally as a textbook in universities for over a decade.   He has chaired the Canadian Standards Association’s POSIX committee, founded the New Productivity Initiative (now Grid Forum), and has been cited in ISO and IEEE standards on open systems and software engineering.  He is currently a member of Queen’s University’s Innovation Council for the School of Computing and a guest lecturer at the University of Ottawa’s MBA program.



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