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It Costs Only $23 Million To Protect the SMH

South March Highlands

According to the 2006 Kanata Lakes North Servicability Study, the KNL subdivision is intended to proceed in 4 phases:

  1. The area south of the Kizell Wetland (currently in progress).
  2. The Beaver Pond Forest north of Beaver Pond and south of the rail line
  3. The Richardson Forest north of Kizell Wetland and south of the rail line
  4. The Trillium Woods west of the protected portion, north of the rail line and south of TFDE.

For some inexplicable reason relating to the subphasing of Phase 1, the 2nd phase is currently being referred to as Phase 6 by KNL.  To avoid confusion, we will refer to the original phases in this article as illustrated below (click to see larger map):

KNL Subdivision Phases

The 2006 Serviceability Study also provides details of the exact size of the drainage areas within the subdivision.  From this information, we are able to calculate the exact size of the developed portion of the subdivision.

This information is important to calculating the fair value of the land to KNL because KNL paid nothing to acquire the open 40% portion of the subdivision, nor is KNL able to sell lots on land zoned as Institutional within the developed portion (unless the school boards decline the use of the land).

Based on this information we are able to calculate the developable size of each phase as follows:

  1. Phase 1 is not applicable since it has already been destroyed by development.
  2. Phase 2 is 29.81 hectares (73.63 acres)
  3. Phase 3 is 59.86 hectares (147.8 acres)
  4. Phase 4 is 33.81 hectares (83.51 acres)

The total area is 123.48 hectares or 304.94 acres.

The going rate for unserviced land in North Kanata is $75,000 an acre, so the fair price for purchasing the KNL development is just under $23 Million.

The City of Ottawa is planning to spend over $129 M to refurbish Landsdowne Park, so any protestation that they have no money to acquire the central portion of the South March Highlands is preposterous!

The time has come to DEMAND that the Mayor do what is right and expropriate the KNL development to protect the South March Highlands.

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